What to do on your cruise to Nassau, Bahamas


Planning a cruise to Nassau Bahamas?! Here’s a guide featuring all you need to know when planning your day trip to Nassau.

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas on the island of New Providence. When you find yourself in Nassau for the day, how should you spend it?  I found myself asking that same question on my most recent cruise. 

Here are my tips:

Walk the town of Nassau

Walk through the pastel coloured streets of Nassau, taking advantage of the tax free shopping.


Check out Parliament Square

It’s probably the most famous building on Bay St, Nassau. You won’t need long but it’s worth walking by.


Straw Market

The Straw Market has lots souvenirs like the usual t-shirts, cheap knick-knacks but also straw baskets and hats.

Atlantis Hotel

Take a taxi ride to Atlantis to see Paradise Island. The fee will be per person and will generally be about $6-8. Paradise Island is filled with contemporary development as opposed to the more rustic New Providence island. You can wander the grounds of Atlantis  (yes like the one in Dubai) you will have to pay over $100 to gain access to the water park and more again to see some of the hotel’s famous attractions like the faux archaeological excavation and the aquarium. The casino is free to enter but how much you spend there is up to you!


Spend time at the beach

While on Paradise Island make your way to the public beach Cabbage Beach which is next to the Atlantis Hotel’s private beach Paradise Beach.


Cruise activities

If you are in town on a cruise, you can also take advantage of the many activities offered by the cruise line. I have heard great reports on the diving in The Bahamas.

Things to note:


Taxis are about $6-8 per person regardless of how much people in the car. As a word of warning, drivers will also wait until they fill a car to leave, so if you are headed back to the cruise ship, allow extra time just in case.

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  1. joseph galati
    July 11, 2020 / 12:08 pm

    I love the people of the Bahamas , very friendly and helpful ! We once had a bus driver take us to liquor store and wait , we thanked him when we got out and he said “ no , no just hurry up “ … Amazing !

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