8 things to do in South Beach Miami

8 things to do in South Beach Miami

Looking for things to do in South Beach Miami?! I have to admit, Miami had never been very high on my North American bucket list, however it totally exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t expecting much more than a fast paced city with not a lot of soul, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Miami is a laid back, coastal community with an infused Latino vibe.  South Beach is in the heart of Miami’s tourist scene lined with palm trees and  white sandy beaches and has the largest number of art-deco historic buildings than anywhere else in the world. This is exactly the kind of break anyone coming from a Canadian winter needs – especially this Aussie girl who studied heritage buildings as part of her masters degree and misses her Aussie beaches and warm weather like crazy.

Here are 8 things to do in South Beach, Miami.

Art Deco Walking tour

For those of you who don’t know much about architecture, art deco is a style which came about after World War II. You will distinguish art deco from other styles due to its geometric shapes, bright colours and ornamentation. Miami has over 1200 buildings, more than anywhere else in the world and Miami has done a great job of keeping them in great condition. Take a walk down Washington Ave and then head back down Ocean Drive and feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Art Deco Tour Miami

Bike along South Beach

Grab one of the City of Miami’s bikes by swiping your credit card and take a leisurely ride along Ocean Drive.

Miami Beach

Go to the beach

Soak up the sun’s rays on Miami Beach.

Things to do in Miami


Along Lincoln and Collins Avenues for all the big brand names from Zara, Nike, Aldo, Mango, Sephora etc.

Day trip to the Everglades or Disney world

Rent a car or take one of the many tours to the Everglades or Disney world. Tours to Disney world will be a full day affair. If you aren’t in a rush, might be worth to a make a few days out of it.

Florida Keys

From Miami, consider taking a day or two to explore the Florida Keys. Read my Guide to the Florida Keys.

Miami Keys

See a Miami Heat game

Why not see one of the better teams in the NBA while you are in Miami. Buy your tickets in advance, Heat games sell out in advance.

My tips for Miami

Consider a cruise

Miami is a cruise hub. While you are in town, why not consider taking a few days or a week or two to explore the Caribbean. Read my article on Experiences of a First Time Cruiser. 

Things to do in South Beach Miami

Rent a car

It will be much easier to explore Florida with a car. If you are flying into Miami International Airport, consider renting a car with Fox Car Rental. They are located offsite from the Airport, but they offer an airport shuttle and their prices are cheaper than the bigger name car rentals.

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