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Looking for things to do in Granada? It’s one photogenic city. Nestled on the banks of the Lago de Nicaragua, Granada’s warm climate and population will leave you smiling and sweaty. I only had half a day to explore the beauty of Granada and while it was enough, you could certainly spend a great deal more time getting lost and found in amongst this historical city. It’s not hard to see why Granada is the city favourite of Nicaragua with its high sense of charm.

Spend a day or spend a week, you will fall in love with Granada. The City of Granada is on the UNESCO World Heritage’s tentative list for both natural and cultural features.

After an incident with theft, two local boys and an ipad in Leon, I decided it best to leave my SLR camera in the hotel for the day and stick to my iphone. Unfortunately these photos are no where near as beautiful as what my SLR would have captured but you’ll just have to let your imagination take you there.

Things to do in Granada

Admire the architecture

You will wander the streets of Granada, admiring the architecture, most of which are churches. The Iglesia de la Merced is one church you can climb to the bell tower and look out over the city. It’s a very minimal cost. 

A few other stand outs include: 

Capilla del Sagrado Corazon


Convento y Museo San Francisco

another church


Cathedral of Granada



Lake Nicaragua

Wander around Lake Nicaragua or even better hire a kayak and go for a paddle. 

Doors of Granada

It might sound silly, but along with the incredible architecture there’s some beautiful features like doors scattered across the city. I took the morning to appreciate every little detail with a series of photos. 



door & pink




Street art

The street art or graffiti of Granada is also photo-worthy. 

Getting there and away

From Granada there are many direct links to other Nicaraguan destinations, such as:

  • Leon – Explore the city of Leon and volcano board down Cerro Negro. The journey is approximately a 2 hour drive by shuttle.
  • Managua – The capital of Nicaragua is but an hour away by bus.
  • San Juan del Sur – To visit the beautiful surf town of San Juan del Sur, take a shuttle two hours.
  • Ometempe – To view the picturesque landscape of Ometempe where two volcanoes sit as an island in the lake of Lago de Nicaragua. Ferries to Ometempe leave from Granada and take approximately two hours.

church distance


Like anywhere in Central America, be smart and do not display valuables.

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